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UK Aesthetics

Welcome to UK Aesthetics. We specialise in the sale of dermal fillers commonly used for lips, cheeks, facial contouring/ sculpting and non-surgical rhinoplasty treatments. Our dermal fillers can also be used for the popular five point facelift and eight point facelift treatments.

The aesthetics industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of evolution and technological advancement, and at UK Aesthetics we are committed to bringing this growth, knowledge, innovation and success to our customers. We are proud to have attained a superior product from Korea, who are on the forefront of aesthetics technology. UK Aesthetics is the exclusive UK distributor of Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler Dermaren, which is renowned for its beautiful results.

Our unique experience with sister companies that run regular Aesthetic Clinics sets us aside as we know exactly what our clients expect and how they wish to be treated. Therefore, with our excellent product knowledge and exceptional service you can be certain to expect highest quality at your utmost convenience.

You can treat with confidence, knowing that the UK Aesthetics team offers a support service and unrivalled customer care to you and your clinic. Our highly-trained representatives, based across the UK, offer detailed product guidance and answer your questions, whether online or in person. We want you to have the same confidence in us that your clients have in you.


Dermalax HA Filler with lidocaine

The Dermalax range consists of cross linked non-animal based biodegradable hyaluronic acid in a spherical shape, providing a uniquely effective molecular structure with high viscoelasticity. It is CE marked and meets all safety standards for sale in the EU.

Manufactured by state of the art technology Dermalax has a stabilised & even HA structure achieved by long crosslinking time at low temperatures. This gives optimum results & maximises satisfaction.


Dermalax Fine The thinnest consistency in the range & has the perfect viscosity for treating fine dermal layers such as crows feet, temples & tear throughs for beautiful, soft & natural results.

Dermalax Deep Plus The perfect consistency for lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines & the apples of cheeks. Plumping & hydrating the skin Dermalax gives that healthy vibrant look and perfect pouts that clients desire.

Dermalax Implant Plus The thickets viscosity in the range and is suitable for facial augmentation nearer to the bone. Fantastic results on increasingly popular treatments such as non surgical rhinoplasty & jaw line augmentation providing long lasting, beautiful results.

Dermaren HA Filler with lidocaine

Dermaren is a stabilised, monophasic, crosslinked non-animal based biodegradable Hyaluronic Acid filler, which delivers a smoother finish and greater dermal elasticity than many of its rivals. The formulation has undergone multiple cross-linking processes, giving greater stability; while its refined molecular structure enables a more even extrusion, better levels of absorption and a more pliable volumisation: in short, the flawless results your clients are looking for.

A cross linked non-animal based biodegradable hyaluronic acid dermal filler.


Dermaren Fine This has the thinnest consistency in the product line. With its fine yet structurally robust formula it is recommended for treating finer & more superficial wrinkles, most notably crows feet, temples & tear throughs.

Dermaren Deep This has a ‘medium’ consistency. It has advanced capabilities to retain its own structure providing impressive longevity regarding results. It is perfect for most areas of the face excluding areas with very fine dermal layers.

Dermaren Sub-Q This has the thickest consistency in the range & is used for facial augmentation nearer to the bone, It uniquely retains its malleability for a time after injection making it ideal for sculpting areas such as the jaw & cheekbones.

Supplying a World of Beauty

UK Aesthetics are proud to supply the highest quality, world leading brands throughout the UK to Clinics, Medical Professionals & Wholesalers for the competitive aesthetic industry at comparative prices.

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